Build a strong brand that will be remembered for generations

We help our clients to succeed, stand out from the crowd and attract people


Loyalty to your company starts online

don’t know a company exists unless they find it online
check products online before buying them in a store
checking company information and read online reviews
pay attention to design and brand


We will create loyalty to your company and impressive design impressions


We believe in creating the best work for our clients and being enjoyable to work with

We use global trends in illustration and animation
Our competence will not allow your company to remain in the distant past with poor recognition and customers who will leave to more modern competitors. Your next step is Lisa Wilo - Let’s develop.
We take into account the smallest point in your design
We create designs using technologies and methods that are used by global companies and brands. We start working on the visual component after consumer analysis.
Refund if not what you wanted
All conditions will be presented in the contract and discussed at a meeting. Creating the best work for our clients and being enjoyable to work with us is our memorandum and articles of association.


We were approached by a small family confectionery from London with a request to create a new logo. Two weeks later the new logo was ready. We adapted all the knowledge about the company, about their unique products and created a memorable character. The logo harmoniously fit into the whole concept of the confectionery.

The volume of visitors and their return increased. People return to the confectionery inviting their colleagues and loved ones. Today, people often come to the confectionery in order to celebrate a birthday or buy a delicious cake for the holiday.

The new logo of the confectionery has become part of the traditions of the people of London.
Your company will be recognized and remembered
When working on the NEGLIGE brand, the task was to demonstrate all the flavor notes of the company's signature chocolate through packaging.

We were guided by the rule - The more benefit the client sees, the higher the price he is willing to pay, and more difficult it is for competitors to offer an alternative.
Customers will buy from you at a higher price
We were contacted by a young company called Maxi Modest with a request to create a website for them that people will notice on Google and other sites on the Internet.

The whole team worked on the project. We have developed an online store with selling texts. We took impressive photos. We created a convenient site structure. We also set up all the necessary technical settings.

Every day, 200 new visitors come to the site. Therefore Maxi Modest does not need to buy expensive advertising. The site is a new business card.
The cost of advertising campaigns will reduce
Lisa Wilo was approached by Caffè Ritazza to create a trademark for their unique coffee products. In this case, the trademark included brand identity, signature, shape of products and packaging. We explored the functional and rational benefits of their unique coffee. Thereafter, create a brand identity that coffee lovers would adore.

As for today, the brand identity helps Caffè Ritazza coffee products to be recognizable. This makes the selection process easier for customers and more enjoyable, in places with large assortment, such as stores and coffee houses.
Customers will get more benefits from using your products


Regardless of the specifics of your project, we are ready to find the best solution for you

Brand Identity
We will be happy to create your brand from scratch, from logo to packaging design.
Web Design & Development
The online sphere is developing rapidly, now having a website is not a privilege but a necessity.
Creating Strategy
We will help you find your target audience and speak the same language with them.
Graphic Design & Illustration
Add uniqueness to your brand with colorful illustrations.

Our team and principles

Our team includes two web developers, two illustrators, one animation designer and a top marketer. Each has more than 4 years of experience in design and entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, we are united by a mutual goal: To help our clients create a strong brand that will be remembered for generations.

To maintain the high quality and convenience of all our clients, we accept an exceptional three projects per week.

Your experience becomes our experience

Brand Architecture
Brand Platform
Logo Design
Visual Design System
Brand Guidelines
Marketing Communications
Print Collateral
Web Design


The cost of a particular service depends on the specific project and based on your request. The estimated cost of the work can be found below. Please note that this is minimum amount project spend.

Every project is a journey to be experienced

You are the only employee, creating a new business. An accountable and responsible person. You are an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures. You are sole proprietorship.
10k SEK
You are a partnership business or / and shareholders. You have 10 or more employees. You are looking for effective ways to solve problems, to uncover opportunities and new perspectives. You have the ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work.
100k SEK
You are a young company founded to develop a unique product or service, bring it to market and make it irresistible and irreplaceable for customers. You have 2 or more employees. You are a partnership business.
40k SEK
Non-profit organization
You are a group dedicated to a given cause and organized for purpose. You are driven to make change and impact in your community or / and in the world. You are open to new challenges.
5k SEK
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